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Life is full choices


安澜 编


chapter 1 关于梦想

001 不要放弃寻找你的激情



Pretty much anytime I got a chance to do something cool,I tried to grab for it.


Don\'t Give up Finding Your Passion 不要放弃寻找你的激情

·Randy Pausch

I am glad to be here today,Hell,I am glad to be anywhere today.

President Cohon asked me to come and give the charge to the graduates.I assure you,it\'s nothing compared to the charge you have just given me.

And the great thing about this university unlike almost all the other ones I know of is that nobody gets in your way when you try to do it.And that\'s just fantastic.

I love this place and I love all of the people and I am very grateful to Jerry Cohon and everyone else for all the kindness that has shown me.

Last August I was told that in all likelihood I had three to six months left to live.I am on month nine now.Somebody said to me,in light of those numbers,wow,so you are really beating the Grim Reaper.And what I said without even thinking about is that we Don\'t beat the Reaper by living longer.We beat the Reaper by living well,and living fully.

For the Reaper will come for all of us,the question is what do we do between the time we are born and the time he shows up.

Because he shows up it is too late to do all the things that you\'re always gonna kind of“get round to”.So I think the only advice I can give you on how to live your life well is,first off,remember,it\'s a cliche,but love cliche,“it is not the things we do in life that we regret on our deathbed,it is the things we do not”.

Because I assure you I\'ve done a lot of stupid things and none of them bother me.All the mistakes,all the dopy things and all the times I was embarrassed they Don\'t matter.What matter is that,I can kind of look back and say,“pretty much anytime I got a chance to do something cool,I tried to grab for it.”And that\'s where my solace come from.

The second thing I would add to that,and I didn\'t coordinate on the subject of this word but I think it\'s the right word that comes up,is passion.And you will need to find your passion.Many of you have already done it,many of you will later,many of you will take till your 30s or 40s.But Don\'t give up on finding it.Alright?Because then all you\'re doing is waiting for the Reaper.Find your passion and follow it.

And if there\'s anything I have learned in my life,you will not find passion in things.And you will not find that passion in money.Because the more things and the more money you have,the more you will just look around and use that as the metric,and there will always be someone with more.

So your passion must come from the things that fuel you from the inside.And honors and awards are nice things but only to be the extent that they regard the real respect from your peers.And to be thought well of by other people that you think even more highly of is a tremendous honor that I\'ve been granted.

Find you passion and in my experience,no matter what you do at work or what you do in official settings,that passion would be grounded in people.And it will be grounded in the relationships you have with people,and what they think of you,when your time comes.And if you can gain the respect of those around you,and the passion and true love,and I\'ve said this before,but I waited till 39 to get married because I had to wait that long to find someone where her happiness was more important than mine.And if nothing else I hope that all of you can find that kind of passion and that kind of love in your life.

Thank you!



















002 马希望不死,永存斗志



Failure may be a part of your college lives and careers,and that how you respond to any pitfalls will define them.


Hopes not Dying,Keep on Fighting 希望不死,永存斗志

·Michelle Obama

Serving as your First Lady is an honor and a privilege…but back when we first came together four years ago,I still had some concerns about this journey we\'d begun.

While I believed deeply in my husband\'s vision for this country…and I was certain he would make an extraordinary President…like any mother,I was worried about what it would mean for our girls if he got that chance.

How would we keep them grounded under the glare of the national spotlight?

And the truth is,I loved the life we had built for our girls…I deeply loved the man I had built that life with…and I didn\'t want that to change if he became President.

I loved Barack just the way he was.

You see,even though back then Barack was Senator and a presidential candidate…to me,he was still the guy who\'d picked me up for our dates in a car that was so rusted out,I could actually see the pavement going by through a hole in the passenger side door…he was the guy whose proudest possession was a coffee table he\'d found in a dumpster,and whose only pair of decent shoes was half a size too small.

But when Barack started telling me about his family that\'s when I knew I had found a kindred spirit,someone whose values and upbringing were so much like mine.

Barack was raised by a single mother who struggled to pay the bills,and by grandparents who stepped in when she needed help.

Barack\'s grandmother started out as a secretary at a community bank…and she moved quickly up the ranks…but like so many women,she hit a glass ceiling.

And for years,men no more qualified than she was men she had actually trained were promoted up the ladder ahead of her,earning more and more money while Barack\'s family continued to scrape by.

But day after day,she kept on waking up at dawn to catch the bus…arriving at work before anyone else…giving her best without complaint or regret.

And she would often tell Barack,“So long as you kids do well,Bar,that\'s all that really matters.”

Like so many American families,our families weren\'t asking for much.

They didn\'t begrudge anyone else\'s success or care that others had much more than they did…in fact,they admired it.

They simply believed in that fundamental American promise that,even if you Don\'t start out with much,if you work hard and do what you\'re supposed to do,then you should be able to build a decent life for yourself and an even better life for your kids and grandkids.

that\'s how they raised us…that\'s what we learned from their example.

We learned about dignity and decency that how hard you work matters more than how much you make…that helping others means more than just getting ahead yourself.

We learned about honesty and integrity that the truth matters…that you Don\'t take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules…and success doesn\'t count unless you earn it fair and square.

We learned about gratitude and humility that so many people had a hand in our success,from the teachers who inspired us to the janitors who kept our school clean…and we were taught to value everyone\'s contribution and treat everyone with respect.

Those are the values Barack and I and so many of you are trying to pass on to our own children.

that\'s who we are.

And I didn\'t think it was possible,but today,I love my husband even more than I did four years ago…even more than I did 23 years ago,when we first met.

I love that he\'s never forgotten how he started.

I love that we can trust Barack to do what he says he\'s going to do,even when it\'s hard especially when it\'s hard.

I love that for Barack,there is no such thing as“us”and“them”he doesn\'t care whether you\'re a Democrat,a Republican,or none of the above…he knows that we all love our country…and he\'s always ready to listen to good ideas…he\'s always looking for the very best in everyone he meets.

And I love that even in the toughest moments,when we\'re all sweating it when we\'re worried that the bill won\'t pass,and it seems like all is lost Barack never lets himself get distracted by the chatter and the noise.

Just like his grandmother,he just keeps getting up and moving forward…with patience and wisdom,and courage and grace.

And he reminds me that we are playing a long game here…and that change is hard,and change is slow,and it never happens all at once.

But eventually we get there,we always do.

We get there because of folks like my Dad…folks like Barack\'s grandmother…men and women who said to themselves,“I may not have a chance to fulfill my dreams,but maybe my children will…maybe my grandchildren will.”

So many of us stand here tonight because of their sacrifice,and longing,and steadfast love…because time and again,they swallowed their fears and doubts and did what was hard.

And if our parents and grandparents could toil and struggle for us…if they could raise beams of steel to the sky,send a man to the moon,and connect the world with the touch of a button…then surely we can keep on sacrificing and building for our own kids and grandkids.

And if so many brave men and women could wear our country\'s uniform and sacrifice their lives for our most fundamental rights…then surely we ca